Biological waste water treatment
Biological waste water treatment


Biokubes wastewater systems are tested by accredited laboratories on a global scale. Among others a 50PE system in Denmark was analysed by accredited laboratories over four years for a system for a small town with the following results.


BOD 2.82mg/l COD 38.7 mg/l NH4-N 0.89mg/l SS 9.9 mg/l

CEN-12566-3 certified

Biokube products are certified by the Danish approval scheme and after the Pan-European harmonized standard CEN 12566-3, with the following cleaning standards:


BOD: 7.3 mg/l (97% reduction)

COD: 81 mg/l (89% reduction)

SS: 11.9 mg/l (96% reduction)

NH4-N: 2.5 mg/l (96% reduction)

KJ-N: 6.3 mg/l


They also respond products up to the requirements of the Machinery Directive.



ISO 9000

ISO certification combined with detailed quality control procedure of all finished units before delivery to end user ensures products of the highest quality



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